A cocktail for every occasion this party season

A cocktail for every occasion this party season

We share our favourite Three Spirit cocktail recipes for every festive occasion. Choose your mood and moment. Our functional botanical elixirs created by bartenders and plant scientists, will have you firing on all cylinders come January.

Festive food, outdoor adventures, and indulging with family and friends; December has a lot going on. Here are our three favourite cocktail recipes, for three different occasions, to make sure you're firing on all cylinders come January.

Best for: 'Office' parties and 'Friendsmas'

Livener Paloma

Whether your office party is over Zoom or IRL this year, this simple cocktail is just the thing to keep you going through the night. The fiery, sweet, but tart flavours in the Livener Paloma, combined with guayusa and schisandra, will get you dancing, be it in the kitchen or on the dance floor, and keep you there til the music stops.

Best for: Outdoor occasions

Nightcap Hot Toddy

There are many festive occasions that require venturing outside and for these, you'll want to be ready. Whether it's heading out to sing carols, shop festive markets, or join the traditional family walk, the warming lemon balm, valerian, and hops in Nightcap, make our Hot Toddy the perfect cocktail to slip into a Thermos and keep you warm and cheerful.

Best for: Cocktail parties

Herbal Stimulant

Herbal Stimulant - Three Spirit's Social Elixir espresso martini

If you're looking to impress, look no further than the Herbal Stimulant. Our take on the fan-favourite espresso martini, this cocktail exudes class and is full of active plant-based ingredients; thanks to passionflower, lion’s mane mushroom, tulsi, yerba mate and damiana in our Social Elixir, you'll be calm, connected and ready to mingle.