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Mindful drinking, WTF? An interview with mindful drinks expert Cami Vidal of La Maison Wellness.

Mixing mindfulness and ‘no and low’ drinks to unleash your inner healthy hedonist and live that sweet hangover-free life! We recently hung out with our mate Cami Vidal, a drinks aficionado turned meditation and yoga teacher, to learn more about her new enterprise La Maison Wellness - a platform that advocates a more mindful approach to drinking through some seriously high-res ‘lo and no’ cocktails. Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a bartender and the Founder of La Maison Wellness. I try to inspire people to drink well and live well by bringing mindfulness into the glass and showing ways to live like a healthy hedonist. Being a healthy hedonist sounds fun! Can you tell us more about mindful...

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Adaptogens, WTF? (Part 1)

Adaptogens are the perfect rebalancer. Reducing stress, making you more productive, boosting your immunity, and even enhancing your sex life! By Geyan Surendran, Developmental Scientist at Three Spirit@svrendran Adaptogens are a brilliantly useful and massively diverse spectrum of plants and fungi that help our minds and bodies react to whatever comes our way.Fighting with wild animals or fleeing dangers at a split second's notice was all in a day’s work for ancient humans. Back then there was an evolutionary advantage to what is known as ‘fight or flight’ - a physiological reaction to stress where the body pumps itself full of cortisol and adrenaline - improving reaction time to any dangers. Which, for cavemen and women, would’ve been a (regular)...

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Three summer drinks to kick-start the weekend.

Plans this weekend? Whether you’re staying in, firing up the BBQ or picnicking in a park, up your cocktail game this summer with these three mood-boosting, thirst-quenching recipes that will enhance your evenings from start to finish. Cool down, bring the vibes and keep calm. Energise with the Livener Daiquiri How do you like it? Shaken, blended or with fruit over ice? This twist on the Cuban classic packs a punch and awakens the senses. Fresh lime marries with the fire, fruit and energising plants of the Livener for the perfect summer pick-me-up. ✨ What’s in it? ✨ 60ml Three Spirit Livener20ml lime juice1 teaspoon demerara sugar✨ How to make it? ✨ Add ingredients into an ice-filled cocktail shaker (or...

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Cold-pressed, WTF? An interview with master juicer Artur Zielinski of House Press

An all-round plant geek who’s hacking holistic wellness We recently caught up with our mate Artur, the pro-juicer behind Soho House’s House Press which are famous for innovative cold press processes and their use of unusual and mood-boosting ingredients. Artur is also super knowledgeable about medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and nutrition so we took some time to find out how he’s keeping chipper during lockdown! How did you start in the cold-press juice game and what were you doing before working with Soho House group? Before I joined the cold-pressed juice business I was already working for Soho House as a bartender and stock controller. However, my true passion was always to figure out how to improve my health and wellbeing,...

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Foraging, WTF? An interview with Johnnie Collins, head chef and wild man at Light Bar & Dining.

A wild-at-heart chef with a passion for foraged plants and sustainable dining. We caught up with our mate Johnnie, head chef of Light Bar & Dining which is located in an amazing old power station in London’s Shoreditch. Johnnie’s all about wild ingredients and everything homemade, so once the restaurant opens it will use seasonal produce from his garden and from a small network of responsible, local suppliers, as well as bits and pieces he has foraged. Sounds epic! Check out Johnnie’s very own creation on our IGTV! Learn how to make "Wild foraged blossom water kefir soda with Social Elixir". Yum! Tell us a bit about yourself. I grew up in a little village near Oxford and was lucky...

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