In the name of plant science

We need your help!

Here at Three Spirit we are serious about scientific research. We use a lot of ingredients that have therapeutic potential but often not enough research has been focused on some of these wonderful plants.

We work with leading scientists to perform novel research. In fact we have just completed and co-authored a paper investigating compounds of interest within the hop plant with professors from UCL and the University of Surrey. We're excited to share this paper with you once published.

In the meantime…the University of Surrey have asked us if they can do several independent efficacy studies into some of our ingredients and products. They want to learn more about how these ingredients and products might make you feel.

Are you experimental?

Are you the type of person who is interested and happy to help progress scientific understanding and research. We certainly are and thats why we are helping The University of Surrey in their recruitment drive for the below studies. If you qualify and are interested then please let us know.

Whats in it for you?

In addition to contributing to scientific research and supporting the students at the University of Surrey. Three Spirit will give you a voucher to use once the study is completed.


For these studies you will need to be over 18, not pregnant, and willing to stay off supplements, drugs (legal or otherwise), tobacco and alcohol throughout the 2 week study.

How does it work?

You can participate in these studies from the comfort of your own home, and you'll simply be required to drink two non-alcoholic drinks per evening for two weeks.

You'll be assessed on your mood and cognitive performance before the two weeks begin and after the two weeks end.

Everything you need to do the experiment will be sent to you in a Covid-19 secure way.


Great! To take part, please contact Dr. Shelini Surendran at Surrey University's School of Biosciences at, with the line 'I want to take part in the Three Spirit study'

Schisandra Study - A pilot study of the effects of a standardised extract of Schisandra chinensis on cognition and mood

This study design has been assessed and granted ethical approval from the University of Surrey Ethics Committee